HTSL’s Game-Changing Partnership with Golden Engineering: Revolutionising the UK NDT Market

We are excited to share the groundbreaking news of our exclusive distribution agreement with Golden Engineering, Inc., marking a significant milestone in revolutionising the UK Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) market.

Golden Engineering Xray Technology

Golden Engineering’s Pulsed X-ray Generators: The Future of NDT Technology

Embark on a journey into the future of X-ray technology with Golden Engineering’s Pulsed X-ray generators. These generators operate within an impressive 10 to 50 nanoseconds, delivering precise X-ray bursts. Offering an output dose of 3-6 mR per pulse, operators can tailor exposures by adjusting pulse settings. With a variable pulse rate ranging from 10 to 25 pulses per second and the capacity for up to 200 pulses before a brief rest period, Golden Engineering establishes a new benchmark in NDT equipment.

Golden Engineering X-ray Generators: Robust, Dependable, and Safe

Renowned for their robustness, dependability, and safety, Golden Engineering’s pulsed X-ray generators are praised by the military and law enforcement. Designed for security and light industrial applications, these battery-powered portable generators boast superior penetrating ability while being smaller and lighter than alternative technologies. Notably, the XR150, XR200, XRS3, and XRS4 models stand out for their safety features, containing zero radioactive materials, minimal leakage, and a very short exposure time.

Golden Engineering’s X-ray Generator Models: Unparalleled Performance



    • Weighs 2.58kg pounds 
    • 80 Character LCD Display
    • 2.4 mR output dose per pulse
    • 3 pulses per count
    • 9000+ pulses per battery charge
    • Duty cycle 200 pulses 4 minutes
    • 0.75 steel penetration
    • The XR150 20V version has the best performance and size combination in the industry


    • Weighs 5kg
    • 80 Character LCD Display
    • 2.7 mR output dose per pulse
    • Pulse rate of 25 pulses per second
    • 6000 pulses per battery charge 
    • Duty cycle 200 pulses 4 minutes
    • A field replaceable tube and modular concept make the XR200 easy to service and maintain
    • A combination of longevity and serviceability has made the XR200 Golden Engineering’s top selling mode
Golden Engineering X Ray Generator XR200
Golden Engineering X-Ray Generators XRS£


    • Weighs 5.4kg
    • 80 Character LCD
    • 3mR output dose per pulse
    • Pulse rate of 21 pulses per second
    • 5500 pulses per battery charge
    • Duty cycle 200 pulses 4 minutes
    • Penetrating up to 1 inch of steel when used with the Vidisco digital imaging system
    • Durability in extreme environments, including Arctic and desert conditions
    • Additionally, it shares electronic controls and batteries with the XR200, enhancing the versatility of both models


    • The XRS4 is a 370 kV, batter powered, pulsed X-ray generator designed for security and light industrial application
    • Weighs 8.3kg
    • 80 Character LCD
    • 6.25mR per pulse
    • Pulse rate of 9 pulses per second
    • 3000 pulses per battery charge
    • Duty Cycle 200 pulses 4 minutes
    • Penetrating over 1.5 inches of steel 
    • The menu allows operators to adjust the pulse rate, set multiple pulse trains with rests, and track the machine’s life.
Golden Engineering X-Ray Generators - XRS4

Explore unparalleled capabilities in non-destructive testing with Golden Engineering, now available through HTSL. Stay tuned for more insights on this game-changing partnership.

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